In the dashboard for your organization, course, project, and/or portfolio sites on Geneseo OpenLab, you’ve likely noticed that you are limited to a preselected number of WordPress themes and plugins that have been carefully assessed and vetted by the network administrators.

But, what can you do if you’ve found another theme or plugin on that you’d like to incorporate into your organization, course, project, or portfolio site?

First, you’ll want to ask yourself some key questions:

  1. Why do I need this theme or plugin? What will it help me achieve on my site that I can’t achieve with the current options?
  2. If I don’t know whether or not I can do what this theme or plugin provides with what Geneseo OpenLab currently offers, have I reached out to the administrators to ask if these features are already available?
  3. Does the theme or plugin cost money or is it free?
  4. Is this theme or plugin legitimate and trustworthy? Have I thoroughly checked its specs on

After asking yourself these questions, and with your answers in mind, you can take the next step of submitting an official theme/plugin request to the Geneseo OpenLab administrators.

This request form will require that you vet the theme/plugin that you’re requesting.

Unsure of how to find the information requested in this form? Visit our How to vet WordPress themes and plugins page to learn more about this process.