Uploading Images

  1. To upload images or other media (e.g. PDFs, Word docs, txt files) to a post or a page, go to your Dashboard > Posts > Add New or Pages > Add New. Click the Add Block button. A block library will appear, click Image to add an image to your page or post.
  1. You can select files saved to your computer or flash drive by clicking Upload. Then, either drag-and-drop files from saved to your computer or select a file.  You also have the option to select an image or other files from your media library by clicking the Media Library tab, or inserting an image from a URL by clicking the Insert from URL tab.
  1. Once you have uploaded or inserted your image, you can make adjustments to the file using the options in the block toolbar.  You can add a caption to appear underneath the image, change the “Alignment” of the image, and choose between the default rectangular style and a rounded image style. You can change the “Size” of the image by dragging its edges.
  1. It is important to include alt text for your image. To do this, enter your alt text in the designated box in the block settings panel that appears on the left-hand side of your screen. If you don’t see the block settings, click the three dots in the block toolbar and select Show Block Settings. 
  1. After you are finished making adjustments, click anywhere in the block editor away from the image. The image will appear in your post. When you’re finished with the post, click Publish.
  1. You can also add images to your media library to use later in posts and pages. Go to your site Dashboard and click Media > Add New in the left-hand menu.